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Holiday Newsletter

CAREERS: The Next Generation continues to connect learning to earning even with the challenges in today’s economy. Our greatest opportunity is to partner with employers willing to take on student interns.

Energy partners continued to take on students and we tackled new sectors, less tied to oil. We grew Aboriginal youth programs, enhanced Young Women in Trades and Technologies and expanded Health camps throughout the province.

We created a Youth Futures Alliance with like organizations utilizing each other’s strengths, avoiding duplication and increasing efficiency. The Alliance brings increased value to partnering organizations, investors and the youth we serve.

In 2017 we will innovate to engage more students and grow our employer base. We will continue to diversify revenues, enhance the Safe Under 18 program, and expand partnerships with municipalities. We will work with the community to ensure youth are a part of Rebuilding Fort McMurray.

Our appreciation to all who have provided financial support, time in schools, workplace opportunities and advice. Thank you to school Off-Campus Coordinators, student ambassadors and the CAREERS team for your commitment, enthusiasm and hard work.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Eric Newell
Board Chair

Andy Neigel
President & CEO