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Meet The Team

CAREERS: The Next Generation 
First Canadian Centre
2725 - 12 Street NE
Calgary, AB, T2E 7J2
Phone: 1.888.757.7172
Fax: 780.428.8164

Calgary & Area Team 

Shane McKay
Regional Director
Southern Region and
Treaty Seven First Nations
P: 403-328-3996
E: smckay@nextgen.org

Steve Carlyle
Field Director
Calgary Area
P: 403-200-8119
E: scarlyle@nextgen.org

Dan Olesen
Field Director
Strathmore Area
P: 403-875-0281
E: dolesen@nextgen.org

Bart Boersma
Field Director
Calgary Area
P: 250-804-1056
E: bboersma@nextgen.org