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Provincial Office (Edmonton)

Executive Leadership Team

Andy Neigel
President & CEO
Phone: 780.930.2504
Email: aneigel@nextgen.org
Jerry Heck
Senior Vice-President Growth
Phone: 780.930.2505
Email: jheck@nextgen.org
Janis Lawrence-Harper
Vice-President Operations
Phone: 780.930.2508
Email: jlawrence-harper@nextgen.org
Carmen Wyton
Vice-President Stakeholder Relations
Phone: 780.930.2523
Email: cwyton@nextgen.org


Provincial Office Team Members

Ericka Folk
Senior Manager
Partnership Development
Phone: 780.930.2518
Email: efolk@nextgen.org 

Mike Lupien
Promotions Advisor
Phone: 780.930.2515
Email: mlupien@nextgen.org

Wes Baker
Project Consultant
Phone: 780.930.2514
Email: wbaker@nextgen.org

Ann Rush
Foundation Accountant
Phone: 780.930.2502
Email: arush@nextgen.org

Taya Burke
Project Director
Young Women in Trades and Technologies
Phone: 780.930.2520
Email: tburke@nextgen.org

Alex Gordon
Resource Consultant and Team Lead
Aboriginal Program
Phone: 780.930.2517
Email: agordon@nextgen.org


Regional Offices