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Current Employer Partners

- The number in the brackets after the employer name identifies the number of locations.
- (A) Employer of an aboriginal student
- (F) Employer of a female student
- (IN-#) The number of interns with the employer

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1918 Tap & Table (1)(IN-1) K
1st Star Electric Systems Ltd. (1)(IN-1) K.A.M Millworks and Carpentry Inc. (1)(IN-1)
A Kal Tire (12)(A)(IN-20)
A.Dees Electric Ltd (1)(IN-1) Karma Interiors (1)(IN-4)
A1 Fabrications Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Katz Meow Inc. (1)(F)(IN-1)
ACDEN The Strategic Service Partner (1)(A)(IN-1) Kendale Truck Parts Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
ACE Auto Repair (1)(IN-1) Kendze Mechanical Services Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Acqbuilt (1)(IN-2) Kens Valleyview Service Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Adair Auto Repair Inc. (1)(IN-1) Kerr Interior Systems (1)(IN-2)
Adjust Climate Control Inc (1)(IN-3) Key Food Equipment (1)(IN-1)
Advance Engineered Products Group (1)(IN-1) Keyano College (1)(IN-5)
Advantage Ford (1)(IN-3) Kidco Construction Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Advantage North Service Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Kipnes Centre for Veterans (1)(F)(IN-1)
Adventure Enterprises Incorporated (1)(F)(IN-1) Kipohtakaw Education Centre (1)(A)(IN-2)
AECOM (1)(A)(F)(IN-2) Klassen Agriventures (1)(IN-1)
Agriterra Equipment (1)(IN-2) Knelsen Sand & Gravel Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Agriwest Inc. (1)(IN-1) Knoxs Finish Carpentry (1)(IN-1)
Aircon Technologies of Fort McMurray (1)(F)(IN-1) Kodiak Plumbing & Gasfitting (1)(IN-1)
ALAAS Plumbing (1)(IN-1) Krave Electric & Controls ltd (1)(IN-1)
Alberta European Motorworks (1)(A)(IN-1) Kubota Farm Ranch (1)(IN-1)
Alberta Junior Forest Rangers (2)(A)(F)(IN-19) KW Mechanical Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Alberta Newsprint Company (1)(F)(IN-3) L
Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc (1)(A)(F)(IN-9) Lakeview Corner Cafe (1)(IN-1)
Alexander Day Care Centre (1)(A)(IN-4) Lakewood Chevrolet (1)(IN-2)
Alexander First Nation (1)(A)(F)(IN-24) Lamb Ford Sales (1)(IN-1)
Alexander Health Services (1)(A)(F)(IN-4) Lamont Farm Centre Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Alggin Metal Industries Ltd. (1)(IN-2) Lawnmower Hospital (1)(IN-1)
All Season Decking Ltd (1)(IN-1) Layers Wellness (1)(F)(IN-1)
All Season Motorsports Inc (1)(IN-1) Lear Construction Management Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Allied Carpentry & Millwork Ltd (1)(IN-2) Lee`s  Sheet Metal Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Allied Contractors Inc. (1)(IN-2) Legal Electric (1986) Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Alpine Drywall (Calgary) Ltd (1)(IN-1) Leon's Heavy Equipment (1)(IN-2)
Alstar Oilfield Contractors (1)(IN-1) Letcar Mechanical Group (1)(IN-1)
Alta Pro Electric Ltd (1)(IN-1) LIME Developments (1)(IN-3)
Altaland Steelworks Inc. (1)(IN-1) Link Builders (1)(IN-1)
Altex Security Systems Ltd. (1)(A)(IN-12) Lionhead Mechanical Plumbing and Heating (1)(IN-1)
Aluma Systems (1)(IN-3) Little Red River Cree Nation (1)(A)(IN-3)
Aluminum and Glass Worx (1)(IN-1) Lube City (1)(IN-1)
Always Plumbing & Heating LTD (1)(A)(IN-2) Luced Services Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
AMCL General Contracting (1)(IN-1) M
Amici Italian Grill and Lounge (1)(F)(IN-1) M & R Sheet Metal (1)(IN-2)
Amyotte's Plumbing (1)(IN-1) MacKenzie County (1)(A)(IN-1)
Analog Mechanical Inc. (1)(IN-1) Madsen's Custom Cabinets (1983) Ltd. (1)(IN-2)
Anonymous Hair (1)(F)(IN-1) Magnum Cementing Services (1)(IN-1)
Aquatech (1)(IN-1) Manatokan Oilfield Services (1)(IN-1)
Aquatera Utilities (1)(A)(F)(IN-9) Mane Door Hair & Nail Studio (1)(IN-1)
Arcadia Construction Solutions (1)(IN-1) Mane House of Hair (1)(F)(IN-1)
Arkane Works Inc. (1)(A)(IN-2) Mardex Electrical (1)(IN-1)
Arpis Industries Ltd (1)(IN-1) Markon Electric (1)(IN-1)
Arpi's North Inc (1)(IN-2) Martin Deerline (2)(IN-2)
Arrow Transport (1)(IN-1) Martin Motor Sports (1)(IN-1)
Ascent Transport (1)(IN-1) Master Tech Plumbing (1)(IN-1)
ASM Industries (1)(F)(IN-2) Maxim Truck & Trailer (1)(IN-1)
ATCO Electric (1)(IN-2) Maximum Mechanical Repair (1)(IN-1)
ATCO Gas (2)(F)(IN-3) McKay Metis Group (1)(A)(F)(IN-1)
ATCO Power (1)(F)(IN-1) McKenzie Tireland Autopro (1)(IN-1)
Athabasca Automotive (1)(IN-1) McQueen Automotive (1)(IN-1)
Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (1)(A)(F)(IN-1) Mechjager Mechanical Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Atlantic Pacific Wood Fabrications Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Medicine Hat Nissan (1)(IN-1)
Aurora Electric (1)(IN-1) Mercedes Benz Heritage (1)(IN-1)
Azonic Constructors (1)(A)(IN-1) Merick Contractors Inc. (1)(IN-1)
B Metis Nation of Alberta (2)(A)(F)(IN-16)
B.M.T. Construction (1)(IN-1) Metro Ford Sales Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Badger Daylighting Ltd (1)(F)(IN-1) Mi3 Millwork Innovations (1)(IN-1)
Badger Truck Parts Ltd. (1)(IN-2) Micro Machine Shop Limited (1)(IN-1)
Bagshaw Electric Limited (1)(IN-1) Midas (1)(IN-1)
Balzer's Canada Inc. (1)(IN-2) Midlite Powerline Construction (1)(A)(IN-2)
Bandana Electric (1)(IN-1) Midnapore Auto Car Care Centre (1)(IN-1)
Barcier Home Construction Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Midnapore Tirecraft (1)(IN-1)
Barks Body Works ltd (1)(IN-1) Mikado Electric (1)(IN-1)
Bartman Welding Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Mike's Welding (1)(IN-1)
BCT Structures Inc. (1)(IN-1) Mikisew Cree First Nation (1)(A)(F)(IN-9)
Be Honest Mechanical (1)(IN-1) Millar Western Forest Products (1)(IN-4)
Bear Creek Maintenance Ltd (1)(IN-1) Millard Trucking Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Beaver First Nation (1)(A)(IN-1) Mini Crowfoot (1)(IN-1)
Bentech Power Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Misericordia Community Hospital (1)(F)(IN-2)
Best Western Plus (1)(F)(IN-1) MJS Mechanical Ltd (1)(IN-2)
Bi West Translines (1)(IN-1) Mobile Air Climate Control Services (1)(IN-1)
Big Rig Collision (1)(IN-1) Mocha Cabana (1)(IN-1)
Bighorn Sheet Metal Ltd (1)(IN-1) Modern Niagara Group (1)(IN-1)
Bigstone Health Commission (2)(A)(F)(IN-6) Moli Industries (1)(IN-2)
Bill's Farm Supplies Inc (1)(IN-1) Moody's Equipment (1)(IN-1)
Birds of Prey Foundation (1)(A)(F)(IN-1) Moxies Grill & Bar (1)(IN-1)
Black Forest German Bakery (1)(F)(IN-1) Moxie's Grill & Bar (3)(IN-3)
Bladez Express (1)(F)(IN-1) MPC Construction (1)(IN-1)
Blaskin & Lane (2)(IN-4) Mr. Lube (1)(IN-1)
Blood Tribe Dept Health Centre (1)(A)(F)(IN-1) Myco Electric (1)(IN-1)
Blood Tribe Housing (1)(A)(IN-1) Myshak Crane & Rigging (2)(IN-2)
Blood Tribe Public Works (1)(A)(F)(IN-1) N
Blue Stone Construction Inc (1)(IN-2) NAPA Auto Parts (1)(F)(IN-1)
Bon Accord Hog Ranch (1)(IN-1) NAPA Autopro (1)(IN-1)
Bonnyville Health Centre (1)(F)(IN-1) NAPA Autopro DO NOT PLACE STUDENTS HERE (1)(F)(IN-1)
Bosma Developments (1)(IN-1) Nathan Cook Masonry (1)(IN-1)
Boston Pizza (1)(IN-1) Navera Energy Solutions Inc. (1)(A)(IN-1)
Botting & Associates Alberta Ltd (2)(IN-6) Neerlandia Co-operative Association Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Bowscapes Landscape Construction (1)(IN-1) Netook Construction (1)(IN-1)
Brendale Contracting Ltd. (1)(IN-1) New Dynasty Restaurant (1)(IN-1)
Brennan Plumbing (1)(IN-1) N-force Crane (1)(IN-1)
Brian Renschler Construction (1)(IN-1) Nipisihkopahk Education Authority (1)(A)(F)(IN-6)
Brignall Equipment Solutions (1)(IN-1) Noble Equipment (1)(IN-2)
Briland Mechanical (1)(IN-1) Nordic Mechanical (1)(IN-1)
BRIX Construction Inc. (1)(IN-1) Norfab Manufacturing (1993) Inc. (1)(IN-2)
Browns Socialhouse (1)(IN-2) Norson Construction (1)(IN-1)
Bruce Stewart's Auto (1)(IN-1) North End Autobody Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Brute Force Cribbing Ltd. (1)(IN-1) North West Crane Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Bucars RV Centre (1)(IN-1) Northern Exteriors Renovations & Decking Specialist (1)(IN-1)
Buffalo Enterprises (1)(IN-1) Northern Lakes College (1)(A)(F)(IN-2)
Bumper to Bumper (1)(F)(IN-1) Northern Lights Regional Hospital (1)(A)(F)(IN-11)
Buzz Electrical Contracting Corp. (1)(IN-1) Northern Road Builders (1)(IN-2)
C Northern Truss (1)(IN-1)
C & A Industries Ltd. (1)(IN-2) Northland School Division No. 61 (1)(A)(F)(IN-3)
C4 Electric Ltd (1)(IN-1) Northstar Chrysler (1)(IN-1)
Calgary Drop In Center (1)(A)(F)(IN-2) Northstar Fire Protection Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Ltd. (1)(F)(IN-2) Northwest Toyota (1)(IN-1)
Calgary Tirecraft (1)(IN-1) Nova Chemicals (1)(A)(IN-1)
Calmont Group (1)(IN-1) Nova Electric (1)(IN-1)
Caltech Diesel & Automotive (1)(IN-2) Nu Edge Construction Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Canada Coach Lines (1)(IN-1) Nunee Health Authority (1)(A)(F)(IN-1)
Canadian Natural Resources Limited (5)(A)(F)(IN-24) O
Canadian Power Pac (1)(IN-1) Ocean Trailer (1)(A)(IN-1)
Canadian Tire (3)(IN-3) Ogre Mechanical (1)(IN-1)
Canem Systems Ltd (1)(IN-2) Ok Tire (3)(IN-3)
Canyon Technical Services Ltd (1)(IN-1) Okotoks Ford Lincoln (1)(IN-1)
Caon Services Inc. (1)(IN-1) Olson Mechanical Ltd (1)(A)(IN-3)
Capital Vision Care (1)(F)(IN-3) On Demand Welding (1)(IN-1)
CapitalCare (5)(A)(F)(IN-6) Online Millwork (1)(A)(IN-1)
CAREERS: The Next Generation (1)(IN-2) On-Site Machining Solutions (1)(IN-1)
Carefree Coach & RV (1)(IN-1) Optimum Manufacturing (1)(IN-1)
Carignan Mechanical Ltd. (1)(IN-1) OSUM Production Corp (1)(A)(F)(IN-3)
Carmichael (1)(IN-1) OZ Heating (1)(IN-1)
Carpet Superstores (1)(IN-1) P
Casman Building Ltd (1)(IN-2) P Louise Ebbesen (1)(IN-1)
Castor Fender Mender (1)(IN-1) Pace Oilfield Hauling Inc (1)(IN-2)
C-Bros Contracting Ltd (1)(IN-1) Panorama Building Systems (2011) Ltd. (1)(IN-3)
CEDA International Corporation (1)(IN-5) Paragon Ventilation Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Ceiling Centre Corporation (1)(A)(F)(IN-2) PCL Builders Inc (2)(IN-7)
Celtic Pride Welding & Fabricating Limited (1)(F)(IN-1) Performance Paint & Autobody (1)(IN-1)
Center of Hope (1)(F)(IN-1) Perron Ventures Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Central Aire Heating and Air Conditioning (1)(IN-2) Peter's Plumbing & Sheet Metal (1)(IN-1)
Centurion Mechanical (1)(IN-1) Petrin Mechanical (Alberta) Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Certified Mechanical Systems Ltd (1)(IN-2) Pincher Creek Golf Course (1)(IN-1)
Cervus Equipment Corporation (2)(IN-2) Pincher Plumbing & Heating (1)(IN-1)
CF Industries Inc. (1)(IN-2) Pioneer Motors (1)(IN-1)
CGA Medical Imaging (1)(F)(IN-1) Pipes Plumbing Services Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Chandos (1)(IN-2) Plains Fabrication & Supply (1)(F)(IN-1)
Channico Machine & Millwright Services (1)(IN-1) Ploc Electric Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Chartwells Food Service (1)(F)(IN-1) Plumbers for Hire (1)(IN-1)
Checker'd Flag Sports (1)(IN-1) Power Max Contracting Ltd (1)(F)(IN-1)
Chemco Electrical Contractors Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Power Point Electric Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Chermik Communications Ltd (1)(IN-1) Power Sparks Electric Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Chinook Refrigeration & Air Conditional Ltd. (1)(A)(IN-1) Powerlink Electrical (1)(IN-1)
Chinook Scaffold Systems Ltd. (1)(A)(IN-1) Premiere Custom Homes (1)(IN-1)
Chinook's Edge School Division No. 73 (1)(IN-1) Primary Care Network (3)(F)(IN-4)
Chisholm Industries Ltd. (1)(IN-2) Procision Electric Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Christina River Enterprises Limited Partnership (1)(A)(IN-1) Prolium Industries (1)(F)(IN-2)
Citadel Care Centre (1)(F)(IN-2) PRO-N2 (1)(IN-1)
City Chrysler Dodge Jeep (1)(IN-1) Provincial Electrical Services Inc. (1)(IN-4)
City of Brooks (1)(IN-1) PRT Nursery (1)(A)(F)(IN-1)
City of Edmonton (1)(IN-9) Pyramid Corporation (1)(A)(IN-2)
City of Grande Prairie (1)(A)(F)(IN-2) Q
City of Leduc (1)(IN-1) QSI Interiors Ltd (2)(IN-6)
City of Lethbridge (1)(IN-3) Quality Hotel and Conference Centre (1)(F)(IN-1)
City of St. Albert (1)(IN-1) Queen Elizabeth II Hospital (1)(A)(F)(IN-2)
City Spring Ltd. (1)(IN-2) Quick-Way Electrical (1999) Ltd. (1)(IN-2)
Cliff's Towing (1)(IN-1) Quinn Contracting Ltd. (1)(IN-2)
CMP Automotive Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Quinn's Plumbing and Heating Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Cobs Bread (2)(F)(IN-2) R
Cocoa Tree Bake Shoppe (1)(F)(IN-1) R&K Doyle Harvesting Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Combined Fabrication Inc. (1)(A)(IN-1) Rainbow Contractors Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Comfort Heating (1981) Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Ram Mechanical (1)(A)(IN-3)
Complete Oilfield Maufacturing (1)(IN-1) Rayek Renovations Ltd. (1)(F)(IN-1)
Concept Group (1)(IN-3) Rebus Plastering & Exteriors (1)(IN-1)
Constant Fire Protection Systems Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Red Deer Catholic Regional Division No. 39 (1)(IN-2)
Contech Electric (1)(IN-1) Red Deer Electric (1)(IN-1)
Control Tech (1)(IN-1) Red Deer Public School District No. 104 (1)(IN-1)
Cookshaw Electric (1975) Ltd. - A division of Kamwin Electric Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Red Deer Toyota (1)(IN-1)
Cosmo Hair Studio (1)(F)(IN-1) Red M mechanic Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Coulee View Contracting (1)(IN-1) Reggin Technical Services (1)(IN-1)
County of Grande Prairie (1)(A)(F)(IN-3) Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (1)(F)(IN-3)
County of Paintearth (1)(IN-2) Regulator’s Oilfield Hauling Ltd (1)(IN-1)
County of Thorhild #7 (1)(IN-1) Revera (1)(F)(IN-1)
Cousins Concrete and Construction Inc. (1)(IN-2) Reward Oilfield Services Ltd (1)(IN-3)
Covenant Health (1)(F)(IN-1) Richardson Bros. Ltd (1)(IN-1)
CPI Construction (1)(IN-1) Ridgeline Contracting (1)(IN-1)
Crosstown Truck and Tire Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Rimk Industries (1)(IN-1)
CSN Collision (1)(IN-1) RMS Construction Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Curl Up and Dye (1)(A)(F)(IN-2) Rocky Lane Agricultural Society (1)(A)(F)(IN-3)
Custom Electric Ltd. (1)(IN-3) Rocky Mountain Equipment (3)(IN-3)
Cutting Edge Landscaping (1)(IN-1) Rodono Industries Ltd. (1)(IN-2)
D Roil Energy Services (1)(IN-1)
D & D Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Rotary House Long Term Care (1)(F)(IN-1)
D & M Concrete Products Ltd (1)(IN-2) Roughrider International Ltd. (1)(A)(F)(IN-2)
D and D Well Services (1)(F)(IN-2) Rumors Hair & Tanning Salon (1)(F)(IN-1)
D B Proline Electrical Ltd. (1)(IN-1) S
Dale Beaver Electrical (1)(A)(IN-1) S.E. Johnson Management Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Danmar Construction Enterprises Inc. (1)(IN-3) Sable Electrical Services (1)(IN-1)
Dave's Wood Working (1)(IN-1) Sam's Hair Design & Tanning (1)(F)(IN-1)
David Harrison Design Inc. (1)(IN-1) Sands Carpet One Floor & Home (1)(F)(IN-1)
DC Wiring (1)(IN-3) Sawatzky's Auto Repair (1)(IN-2)
Dead On Construction (1)(IN-1) Schellenberg Heavy Equipment (1)(IN-1)
Deerland Equipment Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Scissorworks and Company (1)(F)(IN-1)
Deluxe Cabinetry Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Scona Cycle (1)(IN-1)
Dendera Electric Ltd (1)(IN-1) Scott Builders Inc (1)(IN-1)
Derksen & Son Construction (1)(F)(IN-1) SemCams (1)(IN-2)
Derrick Dodge (1)(IN-1) Senncrete Construction Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Diamond Exteriors (1)(IN-2) Seven Generations Energy (2)(A)(F)(IN-2)
Diamond International Trucks (2)(IN-2) SGS Industrial Services (1)(A)(F)(IN-1)
Diversified Transportation Ltd (2)(IN-5) Shaw Communications (1)(IN-1)
DMI Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd. (1)(A)(IN-11) Shell Canada Limited (2)(A)(F)(IN-9)
DMT Industrial Fabrication (1)(IN-1) Sheni's Auto-Trend (1)(IN-1)
Domestic Import Autobody Repair & Refinishing (99) Ltd. (1)(F)(IN-1) Siksika Public Works (1)(A)(IN-2)
Done Right Electric (1)(IN-2) Silent-Aire (1)(F)(IN-6)
Double T Autobody (1)(IN-1) Simms Bros Contracting Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Dow Chemical Company (2)(F)(IN-14) SITE Energy Services (1)(A)(IN-1)
DRB Mechanical (1)(IN-1) Skyline Electrical (1)(IN-1)
DRCA Ltd. (1)(A)(F)(IN-1) Slave Lake Healthcare Centre (1)(A)(F)(IN-5)
Dre-Max Construction Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Slave Lake Pulp (1)(IN-1)
Driftpile First Nation (1)(A)(IN-1) Slave Lake Regional Housing Authority (1)(A)(IN-2)
Dwight's Place Auto Body Ltd (1)(IN-1) Smitty's Restaurant (1)(IN-2)
E SND Industrial Inc (1)(IN-1)
E & M Oilfield Services Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Sokil  Express Lines Ltd. (1)(IN-3)
E&S Motorcycles Ltd (1)(IN-1) Solid Choice Construction Ltd. (1)(IN-2)
Eagle River Casino and Travel Plaza (1)(A)(IN-1) Soucy Mechanical Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Earl's Restaurant + Bar (3)(IN-3) South Trail Chrysler (1)(IN-1)
Earls Restaurant and Bar (1)(IN-1) Southern Alberta Ethnic Association (1)(A)(F)(IN-1)
Earthlings Inc. (1)(IN-1) Southern Gas Compression Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
East Side Auto Body (1)(IN-1) Southern Rewind Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Echo House Finishing (1)(IN-1) Southland International Trucks (1)(IN-2)
Eco Auto Center (1)(IN-1) Southland Trailer Corp. (1)(IN-1)
Ecosse Welding Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Southland Transportation Ltd (2)(A)(IN-4)
Edberg Crop Management (1)(IN-1) Southside Dodge Chrysler Jeep & RV Centre (1)(IN-1)
Edmonton Chinatown Care Centre (1)(F)(IN-1) Southwest Painting (1)(IN-1)
Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre (1)(F)(IN-1) Spark Heating & Air Conditioning (1)(IN-1)
Edmonton International Airport (1)(IN-1) Specialty Automotive Repairs Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Edwards Garage (1)(IN-1) Speedy Auto Service (1)(IN-1)
Edwards Group a Div. of Ag Growth Industries (1)(IN-1) Speedy Collision (1)(IN-1)
Elan Construction (1)(IN-1) Spelrem Automotive (1)(IN-1)
Electric Motor Service (1)(IN-1) Spongberg Enterprises Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Electrical Solutions Inc. (1)(IN-1) Spratt Contracting Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Elektron Electrical Services Ltd (1)(IN-1) St. Mary's Hospital (1)(F)(IN-1)
Elhart's Electric (1)(IN-1) Stadco Industries (1)(IN-1)
Elite Construction & Contracting (1)(IN-1) Stahl Peterbilt (1)(IN-1)
Empire Kitchen & Bath Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Standard West Steel (1)(IN-1)
Enerflex Ltd. (1)(IN-5) Star Plumbing (1)(IN-1)
Ensteel Industries Ltd (1)(IN-2) Star Tech Automotive (1)(A)(IN-1)
Entrec Corporation (1)(A)(IN-2) State & Main (1)(IN-1)
EnviroMulch (1)(IN-1) Stealth Electric (1)(A)(IN-1)
Environmental Dynamics Ltd (1)(IN-1) Stickman Welding (1)(F)(IN-1)
EPCOR (1)(A)(IN-2) Strands Hair Team (1)(F)(IN-1)
Epic Metal Services (1)(IN-1) Stratford Homes (1)(IN-1)
Erlan Enterprises Alberta Ltd (1)(IN-1) Strike Energy Services Inc. (1)(F)(IN-3)
Ermineskin First Nation (1)(A)(F)(IN-12) Structural Truss Systems Ltd (1)(IN-2)
ETR Truck & Trailer Repair (1)(IN-2) Sturgeon County (1)(A)(IN-1)
Evolve Style Counsel (1)(F)(IN-1) Sturgeon Rewind (1)(IN-1)
Executive Millwork Inc. (1)(F)(IN-1) Suncor Energy Inc (1)(A)(F)(IN-21)
Exhibition Park Lethbridge (1)(A)(F)(IN-2) Sundance Plumbing Heating & Gasfitting (1)(A)(IN-1)
Extendicare (2)(F)(IN-5) Sunridge Nissan (1)(F)(IN-2)
Exteriors by Leroy & Darcy Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Sunrise Transport Ltd (1)(IN-1)
F Sunset Diesel (1)(IN-1)
Falke Construction Services Inc. (1)(IN-2) Superior Pressure Vessels Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Fidelity Machine & Mould Solutions (1)(IN-1) Surerus Pipeline Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Filipenko Bros Construction Ltd (1)(IN-1) Surface Flow Control (1)(IN-1)
Fillmore Construction (1)(A)(IN-2) Swartzy Welding Services Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Finishers Touch (1)(IN-1) Sylvan Lake Autopro Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Firestone Restaurant & Bar (1)(IN-1) Syncrude Canada Ltd (2)(A)(F)(IN-59)
First Canada ULC (1)(IN-2) System Flooring Ltd. (1)(A)(IN-2)
Fix Auto (2)(IN-2) T
Fleet Brake Parts & Service Co Ltd (1)(IN-1) Tait Distributors Ltd (1)(F)(IN-1)
Flex Tank and Vac Trucks Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Tamura Electric Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Flo Hair Lounge (1)(IN-1) Tarpon Energy Services Ltd. (4)(F)(IN-6)
Force Pile Driving (1)(IN-2) Tazi Electric (1)(IN-1)
Fort McKay First Nation (1)(A)(F)(IN-48) TBC General Contracting Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Fort McKay Health Center (1)(F)(IN-1) TCB Trailers and Repair Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Fort Vermilion School Division No. 52 (1)(IN-1) Techmation Electric & Controls Ltd (2)(IN-2)
FortisAlberta (16)(A)(IN-19) Teknion Solutions Woodwork (1)(F)(IN-4)
Foundation Hair Salon (1)(F)(IN-1) Territorial Electric Ltd (1)(A)(IN-6)
Fountain Tire (3)(F)(IN-3) Tetra Electrical Solutions (1)(IN-1)
Fourlane Ford Sales Ltd. (1)(IN-1) The Bouchier Group (1)(A)(F)(IN-2)
Fusion Production Systems Inc (1)(IN-1) The Gear Centre (1)(IN-1)
Fuzo Woodworks & Design (1)(F)(IN-1) The Keg Steakhouse + Bar (1)(IN-1)
G The Stair Shoppe (1)(IN-1)
G C Custom Metal Fabrication (1)(IN-1) The Support Through Housing Team (1)(IN-1)
G P Muffler (1)(F)(IN-1) The Workshop Eatery (1)(IN-1)
Garneau Manufacturing Inc. (1)(IN-1) The Wright Builders Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson (1)(IN-1) Thomas Insulation Inc. (1)(IN-2)
Gateway Mechanical Services (Calgary (1)(IN-1) Thunderbird Roofing (1)(IN-1)
Gee & Gee Racing Inc (1)(F)(IN-1) Titan Cribbing (1)(IN-3)
Genroc 2015 Ltd (1)(A)(IN-2) TLC Auto Services & Repair Ltd (1)(A)(IN-1)
George & Ambrose Richard (1)(IN-1) Tolko Industries Ltd. (2)(A)(F)(IN-4)
George's Farm Supply (1)(IN-1) TomAuto Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Gilmar Crane Service (1)(IN-1) Top Pizza & Spaghetti House (1)(IN-2)
Glass Doctor of Calgary (1)(IN-1) Total Oilfield Rentals LP (1)(IN-1)
Global Well Servicing Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Tourmaline Oil Corporation (1)(IN-2)
Go Dodge Red Deer (1)(F)(IN-1) Town of Whitecourt (1)(F)(IN-2)
Go Honda (1)(IN-1) Trail Tire Auto Centers (1)(IN-1)
Golden Hills School Division No. 75 (1)(IN-1) Tranquility Salon and Day Spa (1)(F)(IN-1)
Government of Alberta (5)(A)(F)(IN-12) TransAlta Corporation (1)(A)(F)(IN-9)
Grant Metal Products Ltd. (1)(IN-2) Transonic Electrical Contractors (1)(F)(IN-1)
Gray Electric (1)(IN-1) Tridon Communications Group (1)(IN-1)
Grayframe Ltd (1)(IN-1) Trilogy Energy (1)(F)(IN-3)
Great Clips (3)(F)(IN-5) Trotter & Morton Ltd. (1)(F)(IN-2)
Greatwest Kenworth Ltd (2)(IN-3) True North Ford (1)(IN-1)
Grey Nuns Community Hospital (1)(F)(IN-1) Tuffline Powersports (1)(IN-1)
Griffin Glass (1981) Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Turcon Construction Group (1)(IN-1)
GRM Facility Contract Management (1)(A)(F)(IN-3) Tyconn Services (1)(IN-1)
H. Wilson Industries Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Unitech Electrical Contracting Inc. (1)(IN-2)
Hanna Motor Products (1)(IN-1) United Truck & Machine Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Hansen Ford Lincoln (1)(IN-2) United Way of Fort McMurray (1)(F)(IN-1)
Harper's Tire (1931) Inc. (1)(IN-1) Universal Coach Lines Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Hat Agri Service (1)(IN-1) University of Alberta (1)(A)(IN-3)
Hawks Nest (1)(IN-1) University of Calgary (1)(IN-1)
HCM Contractors Inc. (1)(IN-1) V
Headwater Equipment and Sales (1)(IN-1) Valentine Volvo (1)(IN-1)
Heartland Ford (1)(IN-1) Value Drug Mart (1)(F)(IN-1)
Heartland Marine & Motorsports (1)(IN-1) Van Beek Developments Ltd (1)(F)(IN-1)
Hell'N'Back Welding Ltd (1)(F)(IN-1) Van Maanen Bros. (1)(IN-1)
Henday Mechanical (1)(IN-1) Vanderwell Contractors (1971) Ltd. (1)(A)(IN-2)
Hennessey Welding Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Venta Care Centre (1)(F)(IN-3)
High Country Refrigeration (1)(IN-1) Veteran Oilfield Services Ltd. (1)(F)(IN-2)
High Prairie Health Complex (2)(F)(IN-2) Vet's Sheet Metal Ltd. (1)(IN-3)
High Prairie School Division Bus Garage (1)(A)(IN-2) Victoria Park Beauty School (1)(F)(IN-10)
High River Tractorland (1)(IN-1) Viking Fire Protection Inc (1)(IN-1)
Hilgersom Paving Stone & Landscaping Inc. (1)(IN-1) Village Honda (1)(IN-2)
Hiline Distributors (1)(IN-1) Vossler Mechanical Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Hillside Home Improvements (1)(A)(IN-1) W
Hinton Pulp (1)(IN-2) Wabash MFG. Inc (1)(IN-1)
HKP Trucking Ltd (1)(IN-1) Wally's Welding (1)(IN-1)
Horizon Electric Inc. (1)(IN-2) Warrior Manufacturing Services Ltd. (1)(IN-3)
Husky Energy Inc (2)(F)(IN-4) Water Works Bathroom Renovations (1)(IN-1)
Husky Oil Operations Ltd. (1)(IN-1) WayPoints (1)(F)(IN-1)
HWD Construction Ltd. (1)(IN-1) West Coast Scaffolding (1)(IN-1)
Hydraco Industries Ltd. (1)(IN-1) West Edmonton Auto Service (1)(F)(IN-1)
Hyduke Energy Services Inc (1)(IN-2) West Edmonton Mall (1)(A)(F)(IN-2)
I Western Materials Handling & Equipment Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Ideal Contract Services Ltd (1)(F)(IN-5) Western Star Trucks (North) Ltd (1)(IN-1)
IGA Sundre Garden Market (1)(IN-1) Westmount Auto Repair (1)(IN-1)
Inland Machining Services Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Westock Frame & Wheel (1)(IN-1)
Innisfail 20-20 Auto Service Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Westwind School Division No. 74 (1)(IN-1)
Inphase Electric and Controls (1)(IN-1) WHA Industries Inc (1)(IN-1)
Integral Incorporated (1)(F)(IN-1) Whitecap Motors (1)(IN-1)
Integrated Mechanical & Electrical (North) Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Whitecourt Machine and Welding (1)(IN-1)
Inter Pipeline (1)(IN-1) Wild Rows Pump & Compression Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Intercare (3)(F)(IN-3) WM Schmidt Mechanical (1)(IN-1)
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Lodge 146 (1)(F)(IN-1) Wolf Creek Metal Work Inc (1)(IN-1)
International Paper Company (1)(A)(IN-8) Woodlands County (1)(F)(IN-1)
Iron Eagle Pilings Inc. (1)(IN-1) Woodpro Heavy Duty Repair (1)(IN-1)
J Woodworking Machine Services Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
J & J Electric Ltd. (1)(IN-2) World Class Contracting Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
J & M Services (1)(IN-1) Wrench Masters (1)(IN-1)
J A Machining & Technical services Ltd (1)(IN-1) Y
J&S Collision (1)(IN-1) Yellow Cab (1)(A)(IN-1)
JaCar Energy Services (1)(IN-1) Youville Home (1)(A)(F)(IN-2)
Jack's Autobody (1)(IN-1) Z
Jake Klassen Plumbing and Gasfitting (1)(IN-1) Zyntek Construction (1)(IN-1)
Jalco Industries (1)(IN-1)  
Janssen Energy Technology Inc (1)(IN-1)  
Jasren Enterprises Ltd. (1)(IN-1)  
Jen-Col Construction Ltd. (1)(IN-1)  
JK Trucking (1)(IN-1)  
JLC Electric Ltd. (1)(IN-1)  
Joe-Jay's Welding Ltd. (1)(IN-1)  
JOEY Restaurants (4)(F)(IN-5)  
John D'or Prairie School (1)(A)(F)(IN-8)  
Johns Manville Canada (1)(IN-2)  
Jonny's Electrical Ltd. (1)(IN-1)  
JSL Innovations (1)(IN-1)