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These FAQs answer some general questions you might have about our programs. If you need more information on these or any other topics, please contact CAREERS.

Can I hire my student intern after they’ve completed their program?

Absolutely! In fact, former student interns make great employees because they already have training and interest in your industry.

What happens if my student intern isn’t working out?

If you feel your student intern isn’t reaching his or her potential, first discuss your concerns with the student and his or her off-campus coordinator. Often simply making your student aware of the problems with his or her work will improve the situation – remember, your student is working for you because s/he wants to learn about your industry.

If the problems aren’t resolved by talking to the student and coordinator, you have the right to terminate a student’s placement or employment for cause at any time.

Can my student intern earn a high school diploma?

Yes. Our student interns must be on track to graduate to participate in a CAREERS program. We stress to our students that a high school diploma is necessary for their career path.

Can youth take part in CAREERS programs after high school?

Most of our programs are exclusively for high school students. However, if you are a trades employer in the Fort McMurray or Medicine Hat areas, CAREERS does have an apprenticeship program in place for local high school graduates. The Co-op Apprenticeship Program allows older youth to work towards apprenticeship with local employers in the area.

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