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Registered Apprenticeship Program

The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is one of CAREERS' most popular choices for high school students. It is an Alberta Education initiative allowing students to begin their apprenticeship training in any of over 50 apprenticeable trades while  still in high school. CAREERS works with school RAP coordinators to match suitable student apprentices to available internships, making the link between student and employer. RAP students earn a fair wage, high school credit and hours toward their chosen apprenticeship.

CAREERS can help you get the experience and information you need to start your career. It's called internship. Our interns get valuable work experience in their chosen field, get paid and get high school credit.

We offer internship programs in industries like health services, trades and industrial technologies. There are over 250 different careers you can explore through our programs.

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If you are a potential employer, CAREERS can help you screen and hire interested youth in a trades internship.  They get to experience the trade, you get to mentor and train a future journeyman in your industry. Many of our interns stay on to complete their apprenticeship and become a journeyman at the same business they did their internship with.  With a projected shortage of 114,000 skilled workers in Alberta over the next decade, hiring a new generation of tradespeople has never been more important. 

CAREERS pre-screens students based on their academic records, attendance, application and attitude. We suggest possible matches, and you interview the students to choose the best fit for your company.

After you hire your student intern, they will complete a 125-hour workplace internship, giving them a chance to explore the trade. This 'trial period' is also a good opportunity for you to judge their performance to ensure a good match. 

Following the 125-hour internship, you'll register your student with Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training. Students can then bank their working hours towards their first year apprenticeship.

Many of our RAP students become certified journeymen in their chosen trade by their early twenties, revitalizing industry with younger employees.

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