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Water and Wastewater Operator

For: High school students
Where: Select areas of Alberta. Ask us if this program is available where you live.

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Talk to your Off Campus Teacher to see if this program is offered through your school.

The Water and Wastewater Operations (WWO) pathway program provides an opportunity for suitably qualified and motivated students to enroll in a water and wastewater operator technical training program while attending high school.

Through the two-year program, students receive credits toward a high school diploma and at the same time have opportunity to meet requirements for a Fundamentals of Water and Wastewater Operations Certificate issued by NAIT Department of Corporate, International and Continuing Education.

Program delivery is shared among partnering schools, NAIT and sponsoring industries. A hybrid model for instruction is used involving distance and online learn-ing delivered by NAIT, followed by a potential for practi-cal real-time workplace experience.


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