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These FAQs answer some general questions you might have about our programs and workshops. If you need more information on these or any other topics, please contact CAREERS.

How much class time do student workshops take?

On average, CAREERS workshops take about 60 minutes of class time. If you need a shorter or longer presentation, our field directors would be happy to accomodate your class' needs.

At what grade level can students enter CAREERS programs?

Most of our programs are accessible to students as early as grade 10.

The Health Services Youth Initiative internship program accepts students who are in grade 11 and returning students in grade 12.

The Co-op Apprenticeship Program accepts recent high school graduates.

Our career camps generally accept students from grades 9-12.

Will my students be paid for their work in a CAREERS internship or apprenticeship?

Yes. All students receive a fair wage or honorarium for their work in our internships or apprenticeships. Please note that the Registered Apprenticeship Program requires a 125-hour trial period during which payment is at the employer's discretion. Students will earn five credits for the trial period. 

How can CAREERS help me place my students in an internship program?

CAREERS’ help placing students begins with workshops to educate students and parents about career paths in the trades, industrial technologies and health services.

CAREERS also recruits employers to take on student interns and can help you interviews students for placements.

After the internship begins, your CAREERS field director will support you in liaising with the employer if necessary.

To get started, book an in-class workshop or parent evening with CAREERS.