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Success Stories

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“Before this opportunity, the one constant in our son’s life was his dislike of school. Charles was not sure of his goals in life.

This apprenticeship program and your support changed all of that. Charles is now motivated in finishing high school and pursuing further education/training within his chosen field of automotive service technician.

[We] saw Charles’ transformation from an unsure 17 year old to a self-directed and confident individual. I am seeing the makings of a mature, generous young man growing into the productive and responsible individual that we’ve always known him to be.”

– Lucie and Michel, parents of a RAP student, in a letter to their son’s RAP coordinator


“I got to learn and see many things during my internship that I’d never seen before and were very interesting. I witnessed an ultrasound, had the chance to see the massive sterilization process the hospital does, and I was able to help take care of newborn babies in the maternity ward.

I’m seriously considering a job in health care…I would highly recommend this program to any high school student who has some interest in working in the health care industry.”

– Janet, Health Services Youth Initiative student intern


“Doing the Registered Apprenticeship Program through CAREERS really helped me out with my schooling. I would have had all the classes I needed to graduate, but not enough credits. Not only does this program provide high school credits, but it also gave me great hands-on experience.

I’ve recommended the program to all of my friends because honestly the experience is worth it! Not to mention the credits and pay.”

– Raven, Registered Apprenticeship Program student intern


“In my summer internship I was assigned to a crew at a generating station, my first real job. I was teamed up with a certified power engineer who answered my questions and taught me about the equipment.

This fall I’m starting a two-year diploma course in power engineering. I want to thank CAREERS for helping me get a jump start on my future.”

– Brady, Fourth Class Power Engineering Program student intern